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Other Elements

Other Elements

Features as simple as buttons or elements that have a significant, important, function, such as calling to action, or different button classes that are important for everything catchy you may need!


Simple buttons, many variations!

Icon Button Classes
Icon buttons are simple to use and they are powered by the huge 400 icon library that is Font Awesome. They are so easy to use you’ll fall in love with them in a heart beat!

Social Sharing Buttons
Social sharing buttons can either be simple buttons, or you can use the ball icon approach.

Rounded Sharing Icons
As an alternate solution, you can also use icons to share or show off your social networks.

Square Social Icons
As an alternate solution, you can also use icons to share or show off your social networks.

Button size variations
We’ve included the most used and most important sizes of buttons you can use by simply adding a class to any button template included.

Button XLButton LStandardButton SButton XS

This or That

Give choices! We all love em!

Double button choice
When you have dual options, like plans or prices. A simple way to diferentiate these between one another.

The classic line breaker
Great to add between sections, simple to use. It’s just a copy and paste away!


The double liner
When your options need to attract a bit more attention, you can use a line breaker. Two buttons that center up and do their jobs by attracting the attention required.


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